Mar 21, 2017
New America NYC: A Question of Order

For his new book, A Question of OrderBasharat Peer spent a year and a half traveling across India and Turkey to uncover the alarming, illiberal drift these countries have engineered and the terrible human toll it has exacted. Through a combination of right-wing populism, majoritarian politics, and aggressive nationalism, the two countries provide a shocking warning to what many say are the same strongmen tendencies spreading across the globe—including here at home.

New America NYC and The India Center Foundation hosted the release of Basharat Peer’s A Question of Order and a conversation on what seem to be illusory promises of liberal democracy and the people fighting to protect it.

Panelists included: 

Basharat Peer @BasharatPeer
Opinion Editor, The New York Times
Author, A Question of Order: India, Turkey, and the Return of Strongmen

Elmira Bayrasli @endeavoringE
Co-founder, Foreign Policy Interrupted
Fellow, International Security Program, New America

Manu Bhagavan @ManuBhagavan
Professor of History and Human Rights, Hunter College and the Graduate Center, the City University of New York
Author, The Peacemakers / India and the Quest for One World

Sheri Berman
Professor of Political Science, Barnard College
Author, The Primary of Politics: Social Democracy and the Making of Europe’s Twentieth Century


Photo credit: Columbia Global Reports

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