Feb 13, 2020
Kaleidoscope Stories

India Center Foundation (ICF) and Delhi Art Gallery (DAG) enjoyed an evening of innovative short films and stories by emerging voices from the South Asian diaspora.

The filmmakers presented their films and took Q&A’s after the screenings.

Featured Films:

AGHOR (music video, 3 mins) – Director: Snigdha Kapoor
In Hindu mythology, Shiva is the supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe. What if there was a world in which a woman was an avatar of Lord Shiva and she was forced to open her third eye?

FOREVER TONIGHT (short film, 17 mins) – Director: Swetha Regunathan
It’s prom night in America, and spunky but quiet Lekha is determined to be in the picture.

HARAM (visual poetry film, 2.5 mins) – Director: Rebecca Shapass / Poet: Fatimah Asghar
A visualization of Fatimah Asghar’s “Haram,” this cine-poem meditates on the relationship between women, their body hair, and the anxieties surrounding it’s presence, or lack thereof.

SUPER SONIC (short film, 15 mins) – Director: Saleem Gondal
A probing and heartfelt account of a hard of hearing individual who finds love on the dance floor. An ode to the power of body language and empathy when words fail us.

Presented by India Center Foundation, Delhi Art Gallery, and Warner Media.


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