Nov 15, 2017
ICF Art: Studio Visit with Yamini Nayar

The India Center Foundation hosted a studio visit with artist Yamini Nayar, followed by drinks and discussion at a nearby bar.

Guests previewed Nayar’s new works for her upcoming exhibition at Jhaveri Contemporary (Mumbai), before they are shipped to India. Get a private glimpse into the physicality and process behind her works — photographs are the final object of a much longer process-oriented practice. Tabletop and wall-built models are first fashioned from raw industrial materials and studio debris, and continuously reworked while being documented by the camera. See the artist’s method of construction and destruction, where the finally selected photographic recording might not be an end result but chosen from a state “in between.”

Yamini Nayar is represented by Thomas Erben in the United States and Jhaveri Contemporary in Mumbai, India—

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