Oct 04, 2020
CoSAFF Short Films & Live Q&A: Kaleidoscope Stories

The India Center Foundation is a proud sponsor of the Coalition of South Asian Film Festivals (CoSAFF). CoSAFF is a first of its kind event that brings together seven well-established South Asian film festivals from across North America.
In association with CoSAFF, we’re also presenting a block of short films called “Kaleidoscope Stories”. This short film compilation will feature five short films made by South Asian diaspora filmmakers in the U.S..
The films in this block include Bru’dhars, Coffee Shop Names, Most Likely to Make it Out Alive, Off Duty, and Stuck.
All the films will be available to watch at CoSAFF from Oct 3-17, 2020. Join us for a LIVE discussion + Q&A session with the filmmakers on Oct 4, from 3-5 PM EST (12-2 PM PST).
Register now on cosaff.org to watch Kaleidoscope Stories and other films, Q&As, unique panels, and more!
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